Laura Arnold lost an amazing six stone, dropping from a size 20 to 12. Here are some of her tips for success.

1) Write down everything you eat daily so you can really start to look at what you eat.

Laura Arnold2) Have crunchy healthy snacks around such as carrot batons – there’s only so many you can chew on before you’re over it! Drink water too.

3) If you do go off the rails, be kind to yourself. Remember it’s OK and you can easily get back on track.

4) Look at recipes in food magazines, cookbooks or online and indulge in delicious healthy things to cook. Cooking different things will keep food interesting.

5) Just say no – don’t think about whether you want that piece of cake being offered to you at work, just politely decline straight off.

6) I had a real problem with emotional eating; I dealt with any stress or upset with food. I knew I needed to deal with that to stay slim. I read a lot of self-help books which helped me learn to recognise the triggers for my emotional eating.

Now, if I feel I need to eat something, I think about what is triggering it. If I haven’t understood what the problem is and still want to eat, then I do something physical to distract myself for a few minutes. I go into the garden, put on some washing, walk to the corner shop, or read a magazine. It doesn’t usually take long for the urge to pass. It helps get me out of the habit of turning to food – I think a lot of overeating is from habit.

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