Emma managed to shift almost seven stones by changing her diet and taking up exercise, even completing the London Marathon earlier this year.

At the start of 2012 I decided to lose weight. I’d been trying for years but my heart was never really in it. I used to starve myself for a few days and then be so hungry I’d binge eat and it was just a vicious cycle. In 2012, something really clicked – I saw a picture of myself and realised things had to change. Also, the zip broke on my size 24 jeans because they were too small – I cried for three days!

I’ve always been bigger than my friends. At school I was bullied for my size and to make myself feel better I’d eat – I don’t think it ever really crossed my mind that to make the bullying stop I’d need to lose weight s

o instead I got even bigger. I was a size 16 when I was 16 years old and I got bigger and bigger after that.

I was on a night out when I was called fat and I cried, my best friend told me to ignore them but I was heartbroken. I was aware I was big so it was no surprise but it hurt to hear random strangers shout it in the street and I knew I had to do something.

I started walking everywhere. To and from work when I used to work nearer home and I did lots of at home exercise DVDs and YouTube workouts.

I never used to eat breakfast, I’d eat a triple sandwich meal deal for lunch with a bag of crisps, a sausage roll and a chocolate bar and then for dinner I’d either eat a takeaway or lots of fried foods, and pies. I used to love pies. I’d eat a whole family size pie to myself!

Breakfast was either Weetabix/porridge or when I had more time a grilled breakfast with bacon, eggs and mushrooms. Lunch was salad, or leftovers from the night before and dinner was a revelation – I loved being able to cook healthy food for myself. I’d always been a good cook but had cooked everything with lots of fat and oil – I kept eating all my favourite things like lasagne, spag bol, chilli and even pies, just much healthier.  I still treat myself to cheese (my vice) and chocolate just in moderation.

Emma Fink After

I lost my first couple of stone in two months and then it became much slower but still very noticeable.

‘I felt more confident’

It felt so incredible – my size 24 jeans that had broken were suddenly too big, I felt more confident. I had to keep buying new clothes and my work were amazed that my uniform went from a 26, to a 20, to a 16 and then kept decreasing.

Within a month or so and my first stone was gone and people started to notice. Then the more I lost the more they noticed, especially when I could go shopping with my friends and buy clothes, rather than have to buy mine online because I was ashamed to make them come into places like Evans and Yours with me.

I went from 19 stone to 14 stone within a year and stayed there for a while – I then was determined to get to my goal weight and in 2016 lost the remaining 2 stone to take me down to 12 stone.

Confidence has been the biggest benefit for me – I’m now a size 12 and it feels amazing to say that. I have asthma and have noticed huge improvements in my condition since losing weight, my lungs aren’t as tight and I’m not as out of breath. My joints don’t hurt, I always used to struggle with my knees but now there’s less weight on them it’s much better.