Life coach Angela Cox transformed her health and waistline – losing over eight stones – when she managed to take control of her eating. 

At 37, life coach Angela was 18 stone, she had spent a lifetime yo-yo dieting. She resolved at 37 to become the best version of herself by 40, instead of the usual diets she started a healthy eating plan and started doing regular exercise.

Her mindset changed from the fad diets, to realising she was enough and all she really needed to do was to adopt a healthy lifestyle led her to dropping 8 stone in one year.

What was your health background before you lost weight?

I’d spent a lifetime on a diet and a lifetime of being overweight due to secret eating and bingeing. I’d tried to make exercise a feature in my life a few times previously but never saw it through due to being embarrassed about my size. I was using laxatives, slimming pills and fat binders for most of my adult life.

What made you decide to lose weight?

I was always trying to lose weight. The key factor that made it sustainable this time is that I combined eating plenty of calories (rather than restricting them and bingeing) with regular exercise and most importantly, with doing mindset work like affirmations, goal setting, accountability and cheering myself on.

What changes did you make to your diet?

I learned about nutrition and how to fuel your body. I stopped drinking alcohol and cola completely.

What was your attitude to exercise before losing weight?

I hated it at first, hated being out of breath and my tummy slapping on my thighs when I jumped. I used affirmations to get me through and now I enjoy it and never miss a session. I do however have to talk myself into it still on cold dark mornings.

What benefits have you found from losing weight?

I feel much more confident when trying on clothes and knowing they will fit. Before I would only ever know that shoes would fit. I have more oomph when it comes to playing with the children. My whole family engages in exercise now so my lifestyle is rubbing off on the children. I’ve done so many things I wouldn’t have dreamed of, running 10K, a half marathon, learning to tango, learning to swim at the age of 40 and now training to be a kettlebell athlete.

What did you do to keep going on the weight loss plan when you felt tempted to overeat?

I looked at my before photos every single day and asked myself if I wanted to go back to looking like that again.

What sort of support did you receive from family and friends?

Likeminded people have been the key. Friends get bored of me going on about it so having an online community of like-minded people keeps me focussed. That’s what I get from A big girl’s journey to lean, my Facebook group.

What is life like for you now?

I’ve given up my six-figure salary job. I have found my purpose and I’m doing something I love so no longer feel under pressure. I’m healthy, I’m recovering from eating disorders, healing from abuse and living a full, whole-hearted life.

What is your exercise routine and diet like now?

I train with Kettlebells three times a week, walk every morning or evening, eat 3 balanced meals and two snacks and have the occasional takeaway, chocolate bar or piece of cake.

What would you say to other women who want to lose weight and don’t think they can?

What we believe we become so visualise yourself being slim and happy with every fibre of your being, move away from restrictive diets, move more and go smash it.


More information

Angela is the author of the book Enough, which charts her transformation and reveals how you can improve your relationship with food.