Ness Meredith was a chocoholic but managed to get her sweet cravings under control and lose a stone.

Vanessa Meredith55-year-old Ness Meredith from London didn’t look overweight at 9st 7lbs but was feeling unhealthy and out of shape under her clothes as she was addicted to chocolate, gorging on up to 12 bars a day. She managed to almost cut it out completely by telling herself it wasn’t banned entirely from her diet. Not only did her cravings go but she lost a stone…

I decided to lose weight because I wasn’t happy with my body or my shape and I felt very frumpy. I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and I didn’t like what I saw. My thighs were starting to chafe. Even my face was starting to look different and getting quite chubby. I had less confidence. I also felt the weight was making me look older.

As I’m a chocoholic, my diet was chocolate and more chocolate. I had cravings and would go to the corner shop on a daily basis and buy ten bars of chocolate and eat them within five minutes, I’d buy two packets of biscuits and eat them both in one go. It was a very unhealthy way of eating but I think it was comfort food., and I had a real craving for sugar as I was just living on sugar and chocolate. I craved those things, it was like an obsession and it was on my mind and I couldn’t get them out of my mind until I went to the shop and ate those things.

My energy levels were pretty bad, I was getting a lot of headaches, feeling very tired,  confused and I had a lot of brain fog. Even my eyesight was suffering. I was also getting nose bleeds and mouth ulcers daily and I had terrible colic. I wanted to lose weight to get myself into shape and get healthy. I suffered from very bad acid reflux.

Being a chocoholic is no different to being an alcoholic. Chocolate can be a drug and it was an emotional thing. When I made the decision to change the way I ate and to cut out certain things that I knew were really damaging my internal organs, my chocolate and sugar addiction, I decided that I wouldn’t tell myself I could never ever again eat chocolate or sugary things like ice cream and biscuits. I told myself it was OK on special occasions like my birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or at birthday celebrations, so I’ve identified those options so that I’m not thinking never again. I can have these things and that’s really helped because I’ve had a birthday and had a birthday party to go to where I ate what I wanted. I gave myself those days that I was able to eat what I wanted and I think that has helped curb the cravings and also because I’m seeing the results and losing weight and I knew that if I went back to eating chocolate and biscuits I would just be gaining so I can see the results and that’s helped me stick to it. But I’m literally not having cravings.

My advice for others wanting to lose weight is to keep focusing on all the positives for what will happen when you’ve lost weight. Think about what you can wear when you’ve lost weight and think about your health – remind yourself if you have too much sugar you may get diabetes or have a belly and these things can affect the heart.

I’ve lost a stone and feel fantastic. I can get into my clothes, my mind is functioning better, my eyesight has improved, my energy is good and my IBS has gone.

I’d advise everyone to really think about what they eat and drink and moderate it and listen to your body.


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