Save calories and boost your nutrient intake with these easy food swaps compiled by Nutracheck nutritionist Emma Brown. 

When you’re following a reduced calorie diet to lose weight, it’s important to ensure the calories you eat are good quality and come from nutrient-rich foods. Protein and fibre are proven to help us feel fuller for longer, and minerals such as calcium are very important for bone health. Here are six easy swaps to not only save calories but boost your intake of important nutrients.



SWAP 2 toasted crumpets with tbsp butter – 306 kcals & 13.2g fat

FOR Warburtons Seeded Protein Thin Bagel with tbsp Low Fat Peanut Butter – 243 kcals & 8.1g fat

Save – 63 kcals & 5.1g fat

This swap doubles the amount of fibre and protein in your breakfast. This nutrient power combo can help to keep hunger at bay until lunch!


Savoury snack

SWAP Graze Punchy Protein Nuts with Chilli & Lime pack – 246 kcals & 19.7g fat

FOR 25g whole almonds – 153 kcals & 13.9g fat

Save – 93 kcals & 5.8g fat

Save all round with this swap – calories, fat, sugar, salt and saturated fat. Snack pots like this contain some healthy ingredients but also contain flavourings, oil and salt which you can avoid with plain nuts.


Sweet snack

SWAP Eat Natural Fruit & Nut Bar Almond & Apricot – 247 kcals & 14.7g fat

FOR Yeo Valley Fat Free Probiotic Blueberry Yogurt, with 100g apple and 5 strawberries – 158 kcals & 0.8g fat

Save – 89 kcals & 13.9g fat

Some cereal bars can pack quite a calorie punch! Swap for a probiotic yogurt with fresh fruit to get twice as much protein, significantly more calcium and a fraction of the fat. And 30% fewer calories.



SWAP 50g serving of soured cream – 96 kcals & 9.2g fat

FOR 50g serving of 0% Fat Greek Yogurt – 27 kcals & 0g fat

Save – 69 kcals & 9.2g fat

Soured cream is a great dip or topping for nachos and fajitas. Swap to 0% fat Greek yogurt to cut the calories by over half, obliterate the fat and quadruple the protein. Win, win…. win!



SWAP 2 Scoops of Carte D’Or Vanilla Ice Cream – 99 kcals & 3.7g fat

FOR 2 Scoops Halo Top Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – 51 kcals & 1.5g fat

Save – 48 kcals & 2.2g fat


This super swap substantially cuts calories, reduces sugar by more than half, triples your protein intake and provides a bonus 2.5g of fibre. Dessert doesn’t have to be off the menu.



Chocolate brownie

SWAP McVitie’s Digestive Caramel Millionaire Slice with Chocolate – 129 kcals & 6.9g fat

FOR Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownie – 87 kcals & 3g fat

Save – 42 kcals & 3.9g fat

For 30 per cent fewer calories, you can indulge in a chocolate treat while also getting much-needed fibre (most of us struggle to meet the 30g daily target). The Fibre One bar provides 5.1g of fibre, compared to 0.4g for the digestive slice.






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