The snacks you eat can make or break your diet depending on what choices you make. Try our simple yet tasty swaps to stay trimmer and healthier.

Words: Angela Dowden

SWAP a Snickers bar (245 calories) FOR a slice of toast spread with 15g Nutella (174 calories)

As long as you keep the Nutella serving you spread on your toast to a 15g level tablespoon, you’ll save 71 calories and cut our nearly 3 teaspoons of sugar by going for this snack instead of a Snickers.

SWAP a Tesco Blueberry muffin from a 4 pack (307 calories)  FOR a Soreen Lunchbox Malt Loaf (91 calories)

This snack swap saves you a huge 216 calories and cuts out nearly 6 teaspoons of sugar. The malt loaf is also lower in cholesterol-raising saturated fat.

SWAP a 25g bag of Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps (130 calories) FOR half a 150g pack of Sainsbury’s Chili and Coriander King Prawns (78 calories)

The actual prawns are not only a much lower calorie snack but will also fill you up for longer as they are high in appetite-curbing protein.

SWAP a Fox’s Ginger Crunch Cream (77 calories) FOR a Nairn’s Stem Ginger Oat biscuits (44 calories)

This switch not only saves you over 30 calories per biscuit but also cuts out over a teaspoon of sugar and means you consume much less saturated fat too – a heart health bonus.

SWAP a 25g pack Mini Cheddars (128 calories) FOR a 35g Snack Pack portion of Philadelphia Light with handful of red pepper sticks (63 calories)

As well as saving 65 calories, the Philadelphia Light snack has 50 per less salt. Eat at least 80g of red pepper sticks and it will count as one of your five a day.

SWAP A chocolate digestive (83 calories) FOR a Snack-a-Jacks Jumbo Chocolate Chip Rice Cake (62 calories)

Both are chocolatey treats, but the rice cake saves you over 20 calories and is lower in saturated fat.

SWAP a 180g Strawberry Low Fat Muller Rice (190 calories) FOR 125g fat free Greek yogurt with 80g raspberries (92 calories)

As well as having 100 fewer calories the yogurt snack counts as one of your five a day and is free from added sugar. It’s better for keeping hunger at bay too – Greek yogurt is rich in protein.

SWAP a Mug Shot Chicken and Sweetcorn Noodles (198 calories) FOR a 300g bowl of Covent Garden Chicken and Root Vegetable soup (150 calories)

This swap doesn’t make a huge calories saving, but the soup – which counts as one-and-a-half of your five a day – is very filling, lower in salt and four times higher in fibre, which helps keep your digestive system working well.


First published in the launch issue of Slim, Fit & Healthy