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Editor Tori Perrot Gives The Lowdown On The New Slim, Fit & Healthy Magazine

So, what’s it all about?

Slim, Fit & Healthy is about helping people reach their optimum weight by eating well, getting active and tackling health issues so they can feel fantastic. Most of us know by now that crash diets are really only a short-term solution; it’s more about a lifestyle change. We’ve got recipes, meal planners with shopping lists, practical fitness ideas, and loads of advice that will help you make real changes so you can get slim and stay slim.

Is the main focus food?

If you really want to lose weight, then you’ve got to look at what you’re eating. Unless you’re doing some serious training, you’re unlikely to burn off enough calories with exercise alone to make a real difference. But exercise has loads of health benefits and combining it with eating well will help keep you slim.

Have you ever changed the way you eat?

I used to always have a sandwich or big baguette for lunch, then I discovered salads! I use loads of veg – spinach, beetroot, grated carrot, sweet potato, avocado – add some lentils or quinoa (Merchant Gourmet and Jamie Oliver do really good ready prepared packs if you’re short on time) and some prawns or chicken. They fill me up much more than a sandwich and it’s a really good opportunity to get plenty of your five-a-day.

Your top food tip?

Make it a rule not to eat cakes and biscuits at work. It’s such as waste! You’re unlikely to be really hungry and all you do is munch through them mindlessly while doing your work. Get into the habit of saying no and you’ll soon find it easy to stick to.

What about exercise?

With exercise, you’ve really got to enjoy it or you won’t do it. For some people, that’s a full-on gym session, for others it’s walking. For years I kept trying to make myself go running even though I didn’t really like it. It was so liberating when I decided not to do it anymore! Now I go swimming a couple of times a week, which I love, do Pilates and play tennis when I can. And I walk as much as possible – it’s quite hilly where I live so it’s a good workout!


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