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Cover model Kate Beyzade reveals how she lost almost five stones. ‘I was overweight my entire life. I fell pregnant with my son and put on even more weight. My diet has changed so much now. I don’t skip breakfast like I used to. I drink two litres of water spread out over the day. I also plan meals in advance. I know it can feel really daunting when you first try to lose weight but if I can do it, anybody can. It’s about changing your mindset.’

Eve Humphrey talks about how she battled illness in order to get back in shape. ‘The weight started to fall off me and before I knew it, I’d lost 20lbs! I still allowed myself pizza, beer and wine but I wasn’t using it to manage my emotions as much.’

Susan Kinnear explains how she lost five stones after recovering from a brain injury and a divorce. ‘I’d tried pretty much every diet under the sun. I felt incredibly self-conscious. I joined the Herbalife programme in January 2016 and learned how to avoid cravings and fill up on protein, as well as how to cook healthy meals.’

Christina Bray talks about how she lost three and a half stones and won a Body Transformation contest after recovering from breast cancer. ‘Losing weight has given me untold benefits from having more body confidence to being more energetic and being able to buy clothes without worrying about bingo wings or extra bellies.’

Kerry Franklin reveals how she lost lost over three stones in preparation for her wedding. ‘I didn’t want to be big on our special day. I wanted to feel my best. I was delighted to be able to get back into my size 14 jeans again. By the time Gary and I got married in June 2015, I’d lost three stones and was wearing a size 14 dress. Now I’m a slim size 10.’

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Other issue highlights:
Healthy family recipes, lean fish suppers, The Energy Diet, healthy food swaps, 10 sugar shockers revealed, plus your four-week stress-busting healthy meal plan.

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