SFH Jan Cover

The latest issue of Slim, Fit & Healthy is now on the news-stands and features more inspirational interviews, success stories, easy workout tips and healthy recipes to help you lose weight and stay slimmer.

In this issue, nutritionist Angela Dowden reveals how to find a diet to suit your personality to ensure you get results, while we’ve got eight pages of expert advice from life coaches on how to improve your mindset, boost self-belief and be more positive. If you have the right mindset, anything is possible.

Exercise is a key part of any successful weight loss plan – at least if you’re to keep the weight off and not starve yourself in the process – so check out our feature on how to make exercise your passion. It was written by former self-confessed fitness-phobe Lisa Jackson, who has since gone on to complete over 100 marathons, making some great friends along the way.

Finally, as if that isn’t enough, when you buy Slim, Fit & Healthy on the news-stands you’ll also get a free workout DVD from Rosemary Conley – her amazing inch loss plan will help you get results!