Change your shape 30 Day Belly Blast

Change Your Shape 30-Day Belly Blast is a FREE challenge to help you shed stubborn belly fat and get leaner and fitter!

This 30-day online belly blast challenge is perfect for anyone wanting to slim down and tone up. We’ll support you in taking daily action to change your body shape. The challenge officially starts on 2nd January 2019 but don’t worry if you start late – you can join anytime – the only condition being that you must follow the healthy eating and exercise plans we provide for 30 days in order to lose weight. All ages and abilities can take part.

You don’t have to sign up. Simply download the 30-day meal plan, 30 day training plan and the toning workout PDF files below. Print them out, or keep them handy, and follow them. 

What are the exercise plans?
A mixture of cardio and tummy toning exercises which are easy and effective and can be done anywhere.

What does the eating plan consist of?
Daily meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy snacks. The meal plans are easy to prepare, healthy, low-fat and nutritious.

What happens at the end of the 30 days?
You can continue with your new lifestyle and keep losing weight. We hope you will have will have formed new healthy habits you will want to stick to and will be enjoying the benefits of having a flatter belly, more energy and feeling slimmer.

Download the 30 Day Belly Blast Training Plan - PDF

Our 30-day training plan maps out your cardio and toning exercise for the next month. Download it here to get started!

Download the 30 Day Belly Blast meal plan - PDF

Follow this 30-day Belly Blast this meal plan and combine it with our workout.

Download the Toning Workout - PDF

Download your toning plan here! These effective exercises can be done anywhere. All you need is a set of dumbbells or tins for resistance.


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