This month’s cover model, Kate Bailey, lost six stones by taking up exercise and changing her diet. She followed the Results With Lucy ( plan which enabled her to work out from home so that she could fit her exercise around her family commitments.


Kate gained weight during pregnancy and says she hated the way she looked. ‘It wasn’t just a baby bump – the weight was on my legs, thighs, bum, arms, and even my face.

The baby was in a breech position, so I needed a caesarean section. By the time my daughter, Maisey was born in March 2016 I weighed over 15 stones. Maisey weighed just 8lbs 2oz, so apart from the weight of the extra fluid, the rest must have been fat!

Kate Before and After

I began making one of her healthy smoothies every morning for breakfast instead of the toast and butter, and cooked up a batch of her healthy soup for lunch. For dinner, I stopped having junk food and started making her healthy recipes like chicken stir-fry.

I stopped buying chocolate and crisps, because I figured that if I didn’t have it in the house I couldn’t eat it. At first, I felt really hungry, and there were days when I was tired from being up in the night with Maisey and felt so tempted to go back to my old ways, but then I began to notice that my clothes were feeling baggier, the scales were going down.

That gave me an incentive to keep going.


Kate’s top tips for losing weight:

  • Find an exercise programme that fits around your lifestyle. That way you’ll be more likely to stick at it.
  • Batch cook healthy meals so that you’ve got things in the fridge and freezer to grab when you’re hungry. It will stop you reaching for junk food.
  • Set realistic goals. For example, don’t try and start off by doing an hour of exercise every day and then give up when you don’t manage it. Start off gradually with short bursts, and build it up as your fitness improves.
  • Don’t starve yourself, you’ll end up lacking in energy or bingeing.
  • Treat yourself sometimes – it doesn’t have to be with food – it can be with something like a shopping trip or a night out with friends.


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