Body Positivity is an often misunderstood term covering so many areas of our lives, says body confidence coach Jane Pangbourne.

For me it’s an overarching reference to my passion for guiding people through the wide variety of areas contributing to their self-esteem, self-perception and the ability to become their most authentic selves.

It’s most definitely not just about size or clothes, but it is about acceptance of the real you and your individuality.

Another misconception of the body positivity movement is that it’s purely aimed at curvy women. Not so! A large percentage of my own clients are slim, but this doesn’t prevent them from suffering the same self-esteem issues as curvier ladies. It’s actually nothing to do with weight and everything to do with self-perception.

Here are some of the reasons why you might be feeling less than body positive:

  • You’ve lost weight
  • You’ve put on weight
  • You’re a new mum
  • You’ve had a physical or mental illness
  • You have a background of negative reinforcement

So, you’ve reached that stage when the topic of weight has really worn thin (if you’ll excuse the pun!)  If you’re anything like me, you just want to get through your day feeling calm, in control of your life and preferably looking amazing! You most certainly don’t want to feel the ‘weight’ of other people’s expectations. Do you even care what body shape you are or what the rules are for dressing your shape?! I doubt it!

You may want to alter your weight to improve your health or your confidence levels. You may just be sick of feeling rubbish about yourself and want to stop spending time and money on clothes you never wear because they aren’t solving the problem!

At aged 51 and ¾ it’s taken me a long time to get to where I am with my own body positivity. I spent my whole life worrying about other people’s perception of me, until I changed. I’m 2 stone heavier than I’ve ever been but I’m more at peace with myself too. There’s only one you so who are you comparing yourself with anyway?!

You can learn to embrace the real you, so, if you feel ready for change then hop over to to see how I can help or let’s go old school – Call me: 07944 811939 to book your free 20 minute discovery call.


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