Day 21

Combine 30g low sugar muesli with 120ml almond milk or milk and handful of berries.

Serve 100g roast chicken with steamed vegetables and 2 new potatoes.

Vegetable soup served with a mini pitta bread and mixed salad.

Cup of miso soup, 1 satsuma.


Cardio: five minutes of steady paced cardio, 20 minutes of interval training – 1 minute fast, 1 minute slow, repeat – five minutes of steady paced cardio.

Don’t overeat because you’re exercising – it’s easy to assume you can burn off the calories you consume when you exercise, but you’d have to do a lot of exercise to burn off certain foods. Walking burns 60 to 80 calories per ten minutes (depending on your weight and walking pace), you’d need to burn off 184 calories to work off a 35g bag of crisps, or you’d have to run for an hour to burn off the calories in one 500ml bottle of coke. Alcohol is high in calories. One large glass of white wine contains around 200 calories. You’d have to run for around 20 minutes to burn it off.