Day 4

Lean, green protein smoothie bowl. In a blender process a handful of kale with 1 small frozen banana, 1 scoop protein powder, 100g Greek yogurt and little coconut water to form a thick smoothie. Pour into a bowl and top with fresh berries.

Orange and quinoa salad. Mix together 75g cooked quinoa with 1/3 cucumber diced, 1 tomato, diced and 1 orange cut into segments, handful of chopped mint and parsley. Stir in ½ can cooked butterbeans. Mix together a little Greek yoghurt with lemon juice and stir through the quinoa.

Tofu Ramen. Cook 100g firm tofu cubed in a little oil until golden. Heat 250ml miso soup in a pan and add 1 pak choy shredded, handful of bean sprouts, 4 sliced shiitake mushrooms and ¼ red pepper cut into strips with 30g soba noodles. Cook until the noodles are tender. Top with the tofu to serve.

Carrot sticks with a mini pot of hummus.

Cardio day. 30 minutes of steady paced walking, cycling, jogging or other cardio exercise of your choice.


Exercise walk

Plan in advance what time of day you’re going to exercise. If it’s likely to be in the morning, get your fitness kit out the night before and lay it at the end of the bed so that you can just slip into it quickly and get started. If it’s during the day, set a reminder on your phone. Make sure it’s a time when you will feel at your best, not when you’re likely to be very tired.



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